Managed IT Department

One of the major dilemmas facing small business owners is covering the cost associated with maintaining an IT department. The fact is, if you have computers and a network, you need someone to maintain them. You need to have a technology plan and the ability to implement that plan. Many small business owners attempt to maintain their computers themselves, or they hire employees to do it for them. The problem with this is that the cost and time spent is not worth it. Also, technology is always changing and it can be difficult to keep up with the newest pieces of equipment or latest features and security. However, we can guide you in all your future information technology decisions. This is why an ever growing number of business owners have found it easier and more cost effective to let GITS Computer Systems be their virtual IT department. GITS can design and install your network and then maintain it from our office or yours. We can maintain your printers and computers and also design a security policy and help make sure your network is safe.