i. Desktop Repair

Our highly trained technicians will diagnose and repair any hardware or software issues with your computer within a short period of time.

ii. Laptop Repair

Whether you need a screen replacement, hardware upgrade, or any other issue repaired, our experienced technicians will help get your laptop back quickly to shorten your down time.

iii. Software Repair

We offer multiple software repairs which include virus removal, Microsoft Windows issue repairs, or data recovery, data backups, and transfers for desktops/laptops.

iv. IT Outsourcing

your business can receive top quality IT Services when you outsource with GITS. We provide complete services including:

    1. Onsite & Remote Support
    2. Backup of Servers & Desktops
    3. Software Updates & Patches
    4. Hardware Repair of Servers, Desktops & Complete Network
    5. Network Monitoring Including Firewalls, Configurations, Virus Software & Updates